Wednesday, September 19, 2007

mysql crash log analyzer ?

So with over 1000 crashes in my logs from just one night of simple queries, I have a painful time to find new crashes in the 90MB file. So I'm taking a detour on the rainbow query generator for 2 days. Will be writing an error log analyzer instead :)

step 1: upload the mysqld and the mysqld.sym file for the version you're working with.
step 2: import the binary and symbols into a mysql table
step 3: upload the error log
step 4: parse the error log into seperate crashes
step 5: find the stack traces for each crash, and resolve them using the symbols
step 6: determine if this crash is matching any existing crashes.

With thousands of crashes on various builds of mysqld, the above system can be useful to me. Also, I'd import all the crashes from reports on for searching purposes. This toy will allow me to identify whether a crash is new, or it's been seen before.

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