Tuesday, October 23, 2007

putting it all together

Last post was about Rainbow testing. So that's old news, and I lost count of the number of bugs it found, and have been fixed. Probably 30+ crashes.

Now, I have to put together all these odds & ends of code I wrote disparately over the last 18 months into a single collection to enable complete end-to-end testing.

I have now got roughly the following:

o) random table maker
o) query maker based on any tables, (using predefined rules)
o) data generator for any tables
o) complete charset collection for each valid character
o) database of mysql functions, data types
o) multi-threaded testing environment for any queries
o) query results comparer for any queries
o) rainbow, which will provide help in making good coverage of functions, etc.

What's needed still? Well, I would like 56 hours in a day ... More posts later when v0.001 of the integrated is semi-functional :)

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