Monday, May 11, 2009

been a shocking week for 5.1.35

so last week i started tweaking some of my old 'rainbow' scripts, and found 1 bug for each day of the week. there are a few more in the pipeline still...

Bug #44774 (load_file function produces valgrind warnings)
Bug #44768 (SIGFPE crash when selecting rand from a view containing null)
Bug #44767 (invalid memory reads in password() and old_password() functions)
Bug #44766 (valgrind error when using convert() in a subquery)
Bug #44684 (valgrind reports invalid reads in Item_func_spatial_collection::val_str)
Bug #44672 (Assertion failed: thd->transaction.xid_state.xid.is_null())
Bug #44664 (valgrind warning for COMMIT_AND_CHAIN and ROLLBACK_AND_CHAIN)
Bug #44633 (Automatic search depth and nested join's results in server crash - v2)

so, it seems i am still useful for bug finding, even with old tools i created pre-5.1 GA

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