Tuesday, June 2, 2009

some bug stats

So I did some checking at the number of bugs I've reported since start of 2005. Seems I'm at the top of my game here!

  • P1 Server bugs: 180 (next runner up PeterG with 127)
  • P1 + P2 Server bugs: 321 (next runner up PeterG with 311)
Interesting to note that most of my bug filing happened after 2006, but I started working at MySQL in 2005, so that's why I've used that start date.

The runner ups mostly report bugs in alpha versions, falcon, maria, and beta versions of mysql.
Nearly all of my bugs are in the current GA versions since that is what most of our customers use.

On occasion I go off on a tangent and try break the subquery optimizations in 6.0, but this
is only a small percentage of the total.

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